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Process of Manufacture

ERW Steel Pipes / Tubes are manufactured by High Frequency induction welding process. The Raw materials of ERW Steel Pipes / Tubes and CRF Sections are HR, HRPO, CR, and GP Coils. These coils come in Wide form, which are tested for chemical and mechanical properties. After testing of coils, subject to quality acceptance, these wide coils (raw materials) are slitted in slitting line to the desired narrow coils suitable for finished sizes for Pipes / Tubes and CRF Sections.

The Slitted strip (Narrow Coils) passes through a sequence of pre aligned forming and fin rolls of high profile, hardened and tempered top and bottom rolls. The Strip Gradually attains the circular shape, in various stages, which will be getting welded by High frequency Induction Welding. There is no extra filler material used for welding. The outside bead is trimmed off with a tungsten carbide tool in all cases.

The welded pipe passed through a coolant chamber and sized by the sequence of rolls. The pipes will be straightened in the mill and it will be cut off automatically as per the set length. (In case of Square and Rectangle shapes, round pipes will be passed through sizing Turks head for attaining required shape) This Pipes / Tubes are then passed to End Facing Machine for Chamfering and other quality testing like, Hydro Testing machines, Universal testing machine for testing quality of welding etc, and finally this products are bundled for dispatch / storage.

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